Best Glasses Frames For My Face

When choosing a new pair of glasses, it is absolutely worth it to invest the time in finding the right frames to fit your face. Glasses should highlight and compliment your best features. Three important factors to keep in mind when selecting glasses frames are your hair and eye color, your skin tone, and the shape of your face. You should, of course, also keep in mind your own personal style.

When selecting glasses frames, consider the color of your skin tone. All men and women have either a cool (blue or pink based) skin tone, or a warm (yellow based) skin tone. While there are many variations and shades of eye color, if you have blue or green eyes, you likely have cool skin. If you have brown or dark eyes, you likely have warm skin. Hair color that is black, white, auburn, ash brown, platinum, or strawberry blond is cool. Warm hair colors include gray, golden blond, “carrot” red, brownish-black and brownish-gold.

Warm skin tones:
The best frame colors are blue, light tortoiseshell, bright red, copper, peach, orange, coral, camel, and khaki as these will all compliment a warm skin tone.

Cool skin tones:
Colors such as amber, dark tortoiseshell, blue, plum, blue-grey, black, and silver will look nice with a cool skin tone.

Try on plenty of different pairs to see which ones best compliment your features and style. If you have green eyes, for example, frames with a touch of plum in them will really allow your eye color to stand out. If you love classic, refined style, and regularly wear ties and/or pocket squares, tortoiseshell is a good option for you. Shades of brown and tan may also be a nice option for you if you are fair skinned with light colored eyes. You will see that when you try on black frames, they look a bit harsh against fair skin. However, if you are aiming for an authoritative look that pairs nicely with suits, ties and tie accessories, then black frames will work great for you.

The second factor to take into account is your face shape. The best glasses frames will add balance to the structure of your face. Here are 3 examples of common face shapes.

If you have a square shaped face, this means that your face is proportional in length and width. You have a strong jaw line, a square chin, and a broad forehead. Brad Pitt, for example, has a square shaped face. For you, your face is likely to look wide and very angular if you wear square or rectangular shaped glasses frames. Opt instead for those that are oval or round.

An oblong face is one that is longer than it is wide. The bridge Blue light of your nose is long, and your forehead is high. You have defined cheekbones and an angular jaw line. Denzel Washington is an example of a famous oblong face. A glasses frame style that will look great on you is one with a prominent top rim and a thick or decorative temple. This will help to add width to the shape of your face. Try to avoid very small or short lenses, as these will just draw attention to the long shape of your face.

Heart shaped:
David Spade is an example of a celebrity with a heart shaped face. His chin is small and narrow, whereas his forehead is wide, and his cheekbones are broad and high. If you have a heart shaped face as well, look for glasses frames that have a thicker bottom rim than top rim. These will help to add width to the lower half of your face. Or, try narrow, rounded frames that will help to soften the look of your prominent cheekbones and forehead.

Try not to let current trends dictate your choices when selecting glasses frames. Remember, these glasses are something that you will be wearing on your face every day, so you want to feel completely confident in them.

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