Gentle Face Wash – Peel Away the Dirt Without Pain

A gentle face wash Nu Skin 180 face wash is a real God send if you have really inflamed, Acne prone skin. Often the reason Acne sufferers have such aggravated symptoms, is because they have very sensitive skin. You need to try and avoid alcohol based toners and very strong cleansers. Also, try not to lather on your moisturizer either. You are searching for a balance and there are definitely products on the market to help you.

Using a gentle face wash will be obvious not only after you read the ingredients, but you will feel the effects on your face. It will not feel itchy, sore or like a rash is coming on. It will feel just right. You may feel a slight sting initially as it cleanses any infections, but it is unlikely if have been good to your skin by not picking those pimples.

Second, the gentle face wash product you pick may very well come with a toner. Many toners on the market are loaded up with alcohol and they really sting and aggravate your skin, often making it more Acne prone. Toners for young skin are often more alkaline based and help the pores, rather than irritate them. TIP: Try and read testimonials of the product you are looking at, before purchase.

Lastly, the gentle face wash will come with a moisturizer as well. This is another crucial step in your skin care regime. Once you have had a shower or washed your face, your skin dries out which stimulates your pores to produce more oil, which as we all know can lead to more breakouts. So you want to avoid lathering on too much moisturizer, just use the amount as recommended on the pack, or aim for the size of your of your thumb.

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