Re-Invent Your Prom Dress!

Prom has passed and you’ve had a whirlwind of fun. Prom is like the Grammy’s of high school. Everyone dresses in their red-carpet best surrounded in the company of their peers enjoying the last cherished moments of their high school career. All the stress that you may have experienced while organizing the whole ordeal has hopefully been justified by an awesome time that night that you will forever remember and hold dear to your heart. But now that prom is over, and the last moments of high school are winding down, what to do with your prom dress? Prom dresses can be costly investment and you want the best bang for your buck. Sure you can try to sell your dress but you will never get all your money back and you may want to keep your dress as a keepsake. But you also don’t want it to collect dust in the closet or attic with your grandma’s antiques tucked away forever. Here are some options to explore how you can get creative and re-use your special occasion gown at a future date.

Prom is all about drama and fashion. But at the age of seventeen and eighteen, you may not foresee the many other special occasions in the future where a dress as grand as your prom gown is acceptable, unless maybe your dad just happens to be a governor or grand count. But what girl couldn’t use a new party dress? If your dress is already short it will probably already fit right in into any other party scene if you tone down your makeup and accessories when you choose to wear it out again. But if your gown is a slinky, floor length gown or a grand ball gown dress you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. A great idea for that instance is to grab a pair of scissors and chop off the bottom train, and viola’, you have a new party or date dress to add to your wardrobe. Staying with the idea of creating new outfit options, maybe you loved certain aspects of your dress that you would love to keep, and others you could do without. How about transforming that flirty strapless neckline sweetheart baby-doll prom dress into a sweetheart bustier? Or a high/low hem slinky gown into a fabulous skirt? Let your inner fashion designer diva out! If your hands are a little too shaky, or you just want a more professional result, enlist the help of your local seamstress.

Another way to re-invent your prom dress is to change the color! Think of your dress like you would a new hair-do, you like the length and look of it, but a new color is the perfect way to spice it up! If your dress is already dark color, like an emerald, it may take a couple tries to get that yellow hue you’ve been wanting. Of course, lighter fabrics, like white and soft pink are guaranteed to pick up another darker hue. Dying fabrics are a simple, but harmful process if done improperly so make sure you check the material of the fabric to make sure the garment is safe to dye, and read the directions carefully. Some special cleaners and alterations places in your local area may do the service for you for a small fee depending on your dress.

Looking back now on your prom dress is it seeming a little less than stellar than you first envisioned? Sure you had a great time wearing it and you looked lovely in it but maybe it was just missing that extra “oomph” that you saw in some other fashions that night. Here’s your chance to re-invent your look! If your dress had the right length and color but was missing that certain “wow” factor, nothing says “look at me” like shimmering plus size sequin dress and beaded decals. Sequins are generally cheap, easy to apply, and can be found at any craft store. You can also add feathers which are a huge trend now. You can even organize a “prom dress designing party”, invite all your friends over with their old prom dresses, and make it an event! Go all out!

If you’re not too keen on deconstructing your dress, just think of another occasion where your dress could work for your look. Sequin bodices would be great for a New Year’s event and red hues are perfect for Christmas and Valentine’s Day parties. Wedding receptions that aren’t too strict on the dress code could be a perfect way for your gown to shine again. There’s always ways to tone down any outfit to make it versatile for any special occasion. Throw on a chic blazer or leather jacket over a party dress in colder months and a denim vest or jacket in the summer. Switch up the color of your accessories. Choose flats or boots over tall, strappy heels. Tights are not only a practical way to keep you warm but with so many different colors and patterns to choose from they still add a funky element to your look. Think outside of the box. With these fun ideas, you can create a look that is all your own, and have everyone asking, “where did you get that?!”

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