Why Choose a Luxury Safari in Africa?

Everyone enjoys the little comforts of life and the safari is no different! Having multiple luxury items makes this experience more enjoyable and memorable!

Luxury Private Safaris in Africa can mean different things to different people; for some it will be complete isolation, no tourist in sight, lots of beautiful wildlife, fantastic scenery, private guide and car. For others, it will be living in the best campsites and lodges money can buy. Whatever your style, we can easily edit it.

Why are you uncomfortable just because you are on safari? Poor nutrition is no excuse these days – no matter how deep in the bushes you are! As long as it’s fresh, light and creative, it just enhances your experience.

Given the wildlife – and we have to suggest the best regions with rich wildlife for the period in which you want to go. And if there are four or more of you, we highly recommend a private vehicle and an experienced guide for your luxury safari in Africa, because a private guide will ensure continuity and exclusivity. This means you can spend as much as you like on surveillance, and you won’t be annoyed by other passengers who simply check their lists.

Private mobile camps with tents do not have to be the main ones either. It can be chosen from light camp to more formal decor, along with chandeliers, great food, Persian rugs and the most comfortable beds and mattresses you can imagine. Combine that with a fantastic edge and you have a winning combination!

Maybe rent a private house or a summer cottage in the middle of the bushes? This is often the answer if you have a large family or two families traveling together. This means that you can spend time with family or friends instead of talking to people with whom you have nothing in common.

For others, whether you are two or more, having a private luxury camp with tents set up for you in the middle of a bush in East Africa could mean you can enjoy the experience as well as be much closer to the bush itself – assuming a truly authentic experience. …

I remember organizing a flying camp for me at Katavi National Park in Tanzania – a beautiful park with few tourists – always attracted! The camp was set up just for the two of us and we dined at a beautiful table with candelabra and the food was great! At sunset, we watched storks sprawling on tree branches and were the only campgrounds in the park. A very special and privileged experience. The camp was in its infancy, but had a very thick and comfortable bedding, and at night the stars could be seen over it. It was just magical!

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