Europe, beautiful continent and a dream of travellers is the land of astounding beauty. In fact, beauty is an under statement to explain awesome exquisiteness this region possesses. Europe always remained the fantasy, a wonderland to tourists for its variety of destinations and splendid natural and man carved models of elegance that have the ability to astound millions. Moreover, Tourism development of major countries offer several facilities to its visitors so that they can increase the revenue and provide chance to have the long-lasting family holidays and for those that want to explore more about this dreamland.

Cheap airline ticket is one major step that European tourism has taken that resulted in many people getting attracted towards the idea of visiting various European cities. In addition, Tourism has turned into billion-dollar industry and contributing by increasing the national gross income of these leading tourist friendly countries. Recently, industry of tourism is flourishing day by day. Today, you can go on a wonderful family holiday trip or leisurely relax on the golden beaches of Italy, walk on the calm banks of Rhine and visit Windsor castle without putting yourself in trouble. However, before going on a trip to any of these beautiful destinations look for accommodation that is not only close to the various spots of attraction as well as affordable so that you do not spend most of your travelling funds on expensive lodging.

However, it is very difficult to find a right place at affordable price while you are on leisure trip to Europe. While during your trip, you should look for a place that is not only cheap but also at the same time offer comfort to enjoy your visit the maximum. You can find thousands of hotels that offer many attractive packages to their visitors. However, do not get yourself trapped and go overboard. Most of the offers are only meant for publicity to mislead the innocent tourists. Sometimes, lack of information and research causes many problems that could ruin the fun of your trip. Before you plan to buy air tickets, you should consider searching online for various options for staying. Best source is to read the reviews and comments left by the people stayed at one of those locations. No doubt, good deal of lodging offers several benefits, but usually the luxury comes with high price tag.

It is possible that you may get good deals and package at some hotels; however, this is something unusual. Many hotels have special low packages for tourists but you may not feel comfortable and at home there. Besides some advantages, hotel accommodations have some drawbacks as well that include:


  • They are expensive in rates, and for large groups you have to get more rooms.
  • Rooms are small and have small space; this could be a problem while you are on a trip with lots of luggage. You will not have ample space to put your bags and other stuff.
  • Residing in hotel is not safe, as you have to leave the room key to the reception every time you go out. It is requirement for the housekeeping for cleaning room and maintenance.
  • You have to be dependent on the hotel kitchen and cannot eat as per your mood. You have to eat that is available on menu and eating at hotel is additional load on your pocket. You can spend that money on some other useful purpose like experiencing local traditional food, visiting amusement parks, museums, art galleries and many, many more.
  • Most of the cheap hotels are located far away from tourist attractions that you intend to visit in most of the European cities and mostly you cannot get cheap public transport to reach to your desired destination. This means you have to take a rented vehicle and pay unnecessarily whereas you could have saved a lot for visiting other cities and attractions that one should not miss at any cost.
  • Family trip to any European city means everlasting fun, joy and entertainment. If you stay at hotel, you have to book more rooms for your family members and the purpose of spending quality time together ends. Worst part of staying at any hotel is that you have to share your swimming pools, privacy and have to follow hotel’s policies that could restrict your freedom.
  • Besides, you pay several hidden charges on bills in lieu of using extra services like, additional beds, ironing, parking, chairs, and equipment charges.
  • Most of all, you are bound to watch the timing of everything, check in and check out through out your trip.


On the other hand, you can enjoy all in one by renting out an apartment and enhance the charm of your stay. You can get more chances of visiting numerous places that you wanted to see. Renting an apartment has several advantages over staying at hotel and you can get the best out of your money. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy by staying at an apartment are:


  • Apartments are available at affordable price. For larger groups or families, you can avail the option of renting out apartments with two or more bedrooms. Each apartments in jerusalem israel consists of bedrooms, bathroom, dining area and kitchen.
  • Rooms of apartments are fully furnished and have sufficient space that can be used to keep your stuff. You will have peace of mind and can enjoy your trip by having all the fun
  • While staying in the apartment is like living in your house. You are not bound to leave keys to any room attendant and can go wherever you have plans. In addition, living in apartment is safe this will enhance the security of your personal belongings.
  • All apartments have proper kitchen with all the necessary gadgets. You can cook according to your mood and save a lot. You can bring food from outside which is very unlikely if you had been staying at a hotel.
  • All apartments are located closer to the main attractions. You can visit your desired place on foot. In some cities, all the major points of attractions are situated within few minutes’ walk from the luxurious apartments. This can help you save money you are supposed pay to taxi or any rented vehicle for transporting yourself.
  • Best part of staying in apartment is that you so not share your privacy. You can attain the unlimited hours of fun at your place if you have no plans to go out. Each apartment is designed to keep the individual privacy and no one has the need to suffer the disturbances.
  • Besides, you do not pay hidden charges. Apartments have fixed rates and they are equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities.
  • You can save hundreds of Euros on parking. Each apartment have separate parking space that is not only safe but also free of cost for all the guests.
  • Another important benefit you can get while staying at an apartment is that you are not restricted to any period. You can lock and go to other city and return without checking in or out.
  • Above all, you feel like staying at your own home and can enjoy family time together.


The largest travel centers of amazing Europe includes, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Sofia, Copenhagen, Nice, and Athens. Moreover, Dublin, Rome, Venice, Warsaw, Bucharest, Bratislava, Belgrade, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester and further these cities are connected with other major tourist places of Europe. Besides, many attractions, you should know that hotels are very expensive in the cities. That almost ruins the fun. Beside hotels, you can get room in hostels and apartments that are not only cheap; they offer all the facilities and amenities at affordable rates.

Families prefer apartment for stay, hotels in Rome cost around 300 EUR and above. Staying at an apartment could cost you from 200 EUR and above. You can choose from various packages that suit your needs. These apartments offer all the necessities required by a family. These apartments offer amenities like Iron & Ironing Board, Hair Dryer, Crockery & Cutlery, Bed Linen & Towels, TV, and Fan. Bedroom consists of double bed, night tables, reading lamps, wardrobe, etc. Bathroom is equipped with vanity cupboard, toilet, shower, and mirror. You can have table and chairs in dinning room. Kitchen has the cookware & Kitchen Utensils, Washing Machine, kettle, oven, fridge / freezer, table and chairs.

Best part of these apartments is that if you are a big family you can get large two-bed apartment that offers enough space to accommodate groups. However, as these are the cheapest accommodation that offers five-star services, it is hard to get space at the nick of time. Therefore, you have to book your rooms do that well in advance. These apartments remain heavily booked and sometimes guests have to wait for long time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to reserve your apartment online, than plan your vocations.

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