While planning your next corporate event, consider an expert this time. As it is a fact that every event you organize within your corporate, with an investment behind, has an expected outcome. To ensure that the outcome is achieved, you need to entrust someone who already knows the tricks of the trade: how to reduce workload, decrease cost, and increase participation and attendee satisfaction.

Online Event Management Solutions

From planning, through execution to measuring results, experts in the field know that event management can be easy, reasonably-priced, and totally hassle-free. Life-saver named online event management solutions manage any type of corporate event successfully. Smart and experienced event planners are increasingly changing their services to Cloud-based solutions. Click here With the on-demand services, they do not have to buy hardware or pay hosting or setup fees. Many visionary enterprises have already included the service on subscription basis. Hence, they have been able to reduce time, cost, and resource investment, with smoothly run events meeting expectations successfully.

The Cloud-based event management solutions are available on demand. Companies with immediate requirements can get started quickly and have the option of seamlessly leveraging additional capabilities as their needs mature.

The major services the solution offers include the following:

Online Registration and Payment

Let your attendees register directly from your webpage. You can publish your online registration page with a customized look and feel that goes well with your company’s website. You can easily publish your registration link in social media sites. Provide event information and the ease of registration at your potential attendees’ convenience; at anytime, from anywhere. You can accept payments from any major credit card in a secured environment.

Event Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools help you promote and manage discounts, promotions, gift cards, early-bird pricing, and more. Built-in email communication tools let you invite leads, contacts, and campaign members by sending targeted email invitations, reminders, and RSVPs. It also provides a one-click access to your online registration page from email invitations.

Event Analytics

Pre-built event analytics and dashboards help you measure ROI’ view on-screen, or download into Excel’ PDF, or flat file format. You can generate pre-built or custom reports and use post-event surveys to get feedback and track participation history. You save time and cost by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating data entry.

Integrate with Best-of-class ERP, HRMS, & CRM Systems

The online event management solutions let you easily integrate with popular applications, such as Salesforce.com. The built-in connector in the platform transfers all attendee data to your backend enterprise system. Each connector eliminates the need to re-enter data by enabling automatic sync-up of your event data and activity. You can enjoy the ease of bi-directional synchronization to lower costs and increase ROI on your events.

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