Are you doing something that is good and the Lord approves of you doing? Are you serving the Lord and getting bogged down with how much work you are doing and how much recognition you are getting? Are you doing a good job and people are not giving you encouraging words? This is for you.

The life of a disciple of the Lord can be quite harsh. Obeying the Holy Spirit sometimes is hard work. Sometimes with a lot of work and no praise we get weary and wonder why we continue. It comes at a cost, the narrow way that leads to life. And we were told beforehand that it will be difficult.

For four years I have operated a website that offers free personal prophecy from God through people who have the gift of prophecy. Each night here in Australia as I sleep my inbox fills up with requests. I have been about to simply give up and close the website so many times, but I know that Jesus commissioned me to run the site and until he gives me permission Request personal prophecy to close it down, I have to keep on going.

The attack that comes at my life because I have that site sometimes is hard to deal with, but so many people are being blessed, how I can quit? Today I needed to see this verse about being weary and not giving up on doing good.

Are you doing work or God and are you weary. Satan likes to get in our ear and remind us about how unthankful people are that we serve each day. All sorts of things bombard us when we are doing a good work for the Lord. The amount of pressure on an average pastor is simply too much for some people to endure and many pastors leave the pulpits and sometimes thy simply stop going to a church themselves.

Keep doing the good that you are doing. The Lord Jesus is watching you and is proud of you. Don’t get so worried about the trials of life, they are here to make us more faithful and stronger in our faith. Ride the stormy seas and hold the hand of Jesus and don’t quit. Just don’t quit.

Be blessed.

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