Hamsters are notoriously adventurous creatures, and love to scamper around anywhere and everywhere. This is usually great fun, especially if you have children, as they love active pets.

However, as any hamster owner will tell you, these cute creatures have a habit of finding little nooks and crannies to hide in, and sometimes they’re very stubborn and won’t come out again! If this happens to you, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a very simple trick you can use to recapture your pet. This trick involves setting up a ‘trap’ to lure your hamster in and trap him. Although this may sound dangerous, I can assure you it is perfectly safe.

1. Prepare The Equipment

To set this trap you’ll need a bucket or bowl with high sides, a piece of wood large enough for a hamster to climb up, a soft cloth or towel, and some hamster mix food or tasty treats. Gather all of these items together in the room where your pet is hiding out.

2. Set The Trap

Begin by placing the cloth or towel in the bottom of the bucket. Make sure it goes right up to the edges, and there are no gaps. Next, place the bucket in the middle of the room, and lean the piece of wood against it to make a ‘ladder’ for your hamster to climb up. It is important to choose a piece of wood that will sit at a relatively shallow angle, to make sure your hamster can climb it. Finally, sprinkle a generous helping of food and treats into the bucket, on top of the cloth.

3. Let It Work Its Magic

The next step is to simply leave the trap to do its work. It’s best to get everyone out of the room so that the hamster is more likely to want to come out exploring. If you know where he is hiding, it can help to sprinkle a few bits of food between him and the trap, to lure him in. This may take some time, so feel free to leave the trap overnight. With a bit of luck you should find that your pet can’t resist the smell of the food, and will climb up the ladder to investigate. After spotting the food and jumping in to eat it, he’ll be unable to escape room, so you can simply pick him up in the morning and put him back in his cage!

This simple trick can be a real life saver when your hamster decides to hide away, and best of all you don’t even have to be there while it does its work, which can save you a lot of time!

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