Adriana Mallone is a work at home mom with 4 kids ages 3.5, 7, 9 and 11. “When the kids go to school, I have time for myself and I use it wisely” says Adriana. She recently bought her chrome dumbbell and now is ready for an extreme exercise. Adriana lost over 40 Lbs in 8 months all from home.

Many people choose the same path, workout at home. Why? Well, it is actually cheaper and more comfortable for those who don’t live at the big city. chrome dumbbells Driving to the gym is a hustle, therefore most choose to save the 30-45 minutes commute and simply do it at home.

Here is what we recommend to buy if you choose the path of home exercising:
– Get a chrome dumbbell
– Get gloves
– Get rubber mat
– Get a few DVDs (yoga DVD, aerobics etc)
– If you can afford it, get a treadmill
– Jumping rope

After you take the steps and get the needed items, you are ready. Then get in action and simply do daily activities leading to your end results. It all depends on how much you wish to lose and how much muscle you wish to gain. It is a much quicker path to lose weight by gaining muscle. Most people don’t know that but rest assure, it is a proven formula. I did it as well as many others I know.

So what’s the best chrome dumbbell to choose? Well many women really love the Cushioned Grip Chrome Dumbbells. it is extremely comfortable and easy to exercise with and they look good, so women love it. Two 5 LB cushioned grip chrome dumbbells that are chosen by many feature: Manufactured by All Pro®Designed For Comfort Contour-Foam®, Cushioned Grip Quality Chrome Weight, Removable Ends Use To Trim Condition. The best place to buy them is of course online as most companies will ship them to your door for free!

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