T-Bucket Roadsters are the most unique way to customize a really classic vehicle into a personal expression of an automobile. There’s nothing like the feel of the open road and fresh air whipping around a flat plate of windshield glass. Having the ability to look at your front and rear tires as you drive, while they hug the curves as you swerve around the block. The stares, long looks, and instant smiles with thumbs up, from those you cruise past on those sunny afternoons. You get instant gratification knowing you own a truly unique and nostalgic vehicle.

No matter the style or color scheme, T- Bucket Rods are as different as a fingerprint. Each t-bucket is kissed with distinction and uniqueness. You just can’t see one and not continue to stare until they roll completely out of sight, am I right? Well, then you really should own one of your own and receive the cool comments that never stop when others see you roll by.

T-Bucket Roadsters are vintage hot rods from the 20’s and 30’s customized and chopped to give each one it’s own distinction. During the 1920’s and 1930’s it was a time when interchangeable parts was a way of life and the Ford was King of the Road. Henry Ford was a firm believer in not wasting good surplus parts. Style was also a feature that sold, and sold well. RoadsterMart This was a time of expression in spite of depression. Just because the country was experiencing a financial setback, Henry Ford was merely putting his dream into reality.

T-Roadsters are still the most eye-catching and yet the easiest rods to build. While you are building your roadster, you can see in, over, and around, your work in progress. Roadsters still gather the biggest draw at any car show. It’s the vintage years, the most colorful autos, and a chance to view the workings of an entire automobile. If you are seriously considering buying or building a hot rod, the classic t-bucket roadster is a sure crowd favorite every time.

When you want to own your own piece of American history and feel that sense of pride from a unique position, the T-Bucket is a sure hit, today, tomorrow, and beyond. This is an investment that only gets better with age.

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